Your Next Phase

Take the opportunity, attend the workshop and experience the beauty of Crete

Which path do you wish to take?

Important areas to be examined and developed:

•Rediscover dreams/ interests you have put aside

•Retain your desire for new experiences in life

•Dare to choose how and with whom you wish to spend your time

•Remain or become physically and mentally active

•Let go of earlier commitments/interests/ preconceived ideas

•Integrate your new choices and directions with those closest to you

You will carry out your own steps, but may share your insights with other group members.


The beautiful ”Orizon Center for Life & Creation” is 20 km from Chania airport.

Orizon is much more than a cosy, family-run hotel. It is a dream which the family Margarita & Petros actually live. For surroundings and views, see:


English or Scandinavian


Your investment for the workshop (venue, coffee/tea/water 3½ days) will be 490 Euros.

Additional costs - food and accommodation, travel costs (flight to Chania + transport aiport <=> Orizon Center).

Information and registration

Eva or +46 70 264 5120

About Eva Solly,

pharmacist and  organizational consultant. She is a Breathwork trainer and is intensely interested in health, personal awareness and the responsibility of the individual.

Quotes from participants:

”The coordinators, participants and I myself co created the loving kick in the backside which helped me to move from thoughts and plans to concrete actions”

Göran, retired CEO, IT company