Health & Bodywork

Bioenergetic Bodywork & Breathwork

Limbering-up of the body with an hour of Bioenergetic grounding exercises followed by group breathwork.

Bioenergetics is a body therapy in witch a range of static and dynamic exercises are used to activate the body´s innate energy

Breathwork is a powerful tool for stimulating both body and mind giving more intense contact and greater awareness

Barry Solly and Eva Solly

two qualified consultants with wide

and practical experience from leading posts

within both the private and public sectors



Barry Solly is Fil dr in Materials Science and an OD consultant certified by the Gestalt Academy of Scandinavia.

He is also:

Certified Lead Assessor of Quality Management Systems

Licenced to execute SMC profiles for measurement of Stress, Working Environment, Leadership and Organization

Certified in group intervention from the Cape Cod Training Program


Eva Solly is a qualified Pharmacist and  Authorized Pharmaceutical Information Manager

She is also:

Certified process consultant

Certified in group intervention from the Cape Cod Training Program

Certified Breathing Therapist

Certified Bioenergetics trainer



Barry has held positions as:

Materials science researcher

Head, Quality Assurance

Head, Product and Process Development

Head, International Technical Support

Head, Business Development

Member of a number of Senior Management Groups in the Swedish nuclear and steel industries


Eva has held positions as:

Pharmaceutical development worker


Project Manager and Senior Project Consultant and Trainer

Information Manager

Director – Clinical Supplies Logistics

Pharmacy Area Manager

Head, Business Development

Member of a number of Senior Management Groups within the international pharmaceutical industry and Swedish public sector


We believe.....

in the inherent desire and ambition of all individuals to always do their very best and

that clarity and structure is necessary in an organization for it to function well and to give desired results and effects;


that, within a well-functioning organization, every group and individual needs a clear remit and can then take responsibility for both his/her own contribution and for the whole and thus reach his/her full potential;


that co-operation within a group is fundamentally dependent on the ability of the group members to communicate and relate to each other


Our goal is that our customers regard Vteam as an attentive and reliable partner who work both systematically and creatively.


Vteam´s partner for "The Next Phase" is the Gestalt International Study Center, GISC, Massachusetts USA


Vteam AB, Mariebergsgatan 15,


Vonec & Tartulen

Mauris Diben

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Tortor cursus: 90.00

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