We believe.....

in the inherent desire and ambition of all individuals to always do their very best and

that clarity and structure is necessary in an organization for it to function well and to give desired results and effects;


that, within a well-functioning organization, every group and individual needs a clear remit and can then take responsibility for both his/her own contribution and for the whole and thus reach his/her full potential;


that co-operation within a group is fundamentally dependent on the ability of the group members to communicate and relate to each other

Consultancy services within organizational and personal development!

Organizational Development

We help organizations self-develop via experiential training programmes and workshops which release and harness the full potential of all personnel. Structural changes and communication skills must go hand in hand.

Development of Work Groups into Teams

Development of a group's potential for co-operation and communicationCoaching of work groups during these change processes Leadership of the crucial project start-up process 

Training of Individuals within a Group

- ”A Balanced Life”. Supervision and support for women pursuing a career

- "The Next Phase". Course


raining in Teamwork for groups undergoing development.

Multicultural awareness in theory and practice

Support of Management during Systematic Change initiatives.

Quality Development with or without certification to ISO 9001 as target

Education and Training in Effective Project Management; "learning by doing"

Group supervision

Individual Coaching

Some of our tools